Nexon Soft Launching Time-Traveling RPG Game, Unkown Heroes

Nexon is soft launching a mobile free-to-play time travelling RPG, Unknown Heroes to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Philippines.

Unknown Heroes immerses players in a saga of long-forgotten heroes that must band together to save their homes from annihilation against an onslaught of evil extraterrestrial forces. Players must take the mantle champions from myth and legend through the ages to defeat formidable assailants.

Here’s the list of features the has

  • Engaging Story and Characters – Players join more than 130 heroes across time and space from a variety of mythological backgrounds, including Greek and Asian, to repel dastardly alien invaders;
  • Beautiful Settings and Locations – Join valiant heroes in the struggle to defeat the enemy in unbelievable settings, such as a modern Japanese high school, futuristic Hong Kong, medieval Europe, and beyond! The game’s gorgeous 3D graphics highlight each location’s charming landscapes, and adds a level of awe to stunning combat visuals;
  • Exciting Turn-Based Combat – Repel malicious extraterrestrial forces in suspenseful and intense turn-based combat. Player must use advanced skills, including transformations, ultimates, and timing-based attack interceptions to guide heroes to victory;
  • Unique and Diverse Game Modes – Players will battle through more than 150 campaigns, each with its own unique storyline, to thwart the forces of evil. Team-up with friends to defeat powerful World Bosses, or test your skill against other players in the PvP Coliseum. Players can also collect valuable materials for crafting items and upgrading heroes from Daily and Core Dungeons to aide in the quest to save the Earth.

You can download the game here via Google Play and the iOS App Store.