New Game Mode, Heroes, and Quests abound in Spiritwish

New enchanted heroes engage in simultaneous multi-character combat and gameplay in the beautiful world of Spiritwish, the hit massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Nexon Korea Corporation. Today, mobile players around the world can experience Spiritwish’s latest magical content update for free on the App Store and Google Play.

In Spiritwish, players are invited to command a trio of powerful heroes as they follow in the footsteps of the Three Gods for control of the ancient relics and to protect the land of Kaleva against looming evil. Spiritwish offers players the unprecedented ability to control three characters at a time while boasting a unique MMORPG experience on mobile devices.

Spiritwish’s new features from this update include:

    • Adventure Mode – In this all-new mode, players with achievement scores above 900 can earn rewards by tactfully commanding idle heroes to embark on quests to earn Spirit Cards
    • New Heroes – Two powerful Rare heroes join the fray, with Mononofu, a melee-wielder who uses a Tachi to take down ghostly enemies, and Vanguard, a protector who utilizes superior defense skills to stun and taunt
    • Recruitment Quests – The Fire Mage and Soothsayer now offer two new quests for players to unlock their respective character cards and learn who they are and where they came from
    • Firework Festival Event – Players can celebrate today’s content update by collecting randomly-dropped fireworks and exchanging them for items at the Premium Shop. Red Envelopes can unlock Legendary++ Weapon Boxes, Character Cards, costumes, Blue Diamonds and Gold.