NetEase Games’ Newest Mobile Shooter, Disorder Mobile Is Now Live, with Limited-Time Welcome Rewards

NetEase Games‘ newest title, the free-to-play shooter Disorder is now available to download at selected Southeast Asian regions (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines).

The launch also will have five (5) events for the game’s launch which are namely:

  • Starting from 20th March until 3rd April 2020, the hours between 12:00-14:00 and 20:00-22:00 are set as prime time, during which players will get double credit points (game currency) awarded after completing a game.
  • Starting from 20th March until 3rd April 2020, if the total number of soldiers, or the total number of base captures, reaches the required amount, players can unlock the full range of special rewards.
  • During the event, from 20th March until 17th April 2020, rewards will be given to the players based on their leaderboard rankings for every game mode, every week.
  • Between 6:00 on 20th March and 5:59 on 20th April 2020, battlefield medals can be collected by completing daily tasks. These medals can be used to unlock special titles, outfit vouchers, character trial cards and other rich rewards.
  • During the launch period, various limited-time discount bundles will be on sale at the store, and first top-up of any account will get an additional 50% bonus value.

Beta testers will also get will get anĀ  exclusive title and avatar frame. You can now download the game here.