Mobile Open World Game Durango: Wild Lands is in Its CBT Phase

If you’re looking to get into the open-world gaming for the mobile, then you may want to check out the CBT phase of the Nexon and What! Studio‘s Durango: Wild Lands.

The technical closed beta phase of the game started last week Thursday, July 20, and will be open for at least four weeks. You can actually download the Android version of the game now to take part of the CBT.

For the uninitiated, Durango: Wild Lands is:

Durango: Wild Lands takes place in an alternate wrinkle in time where dinosaurs and modern-man live side-by-side to pioneer a vast and endless wilderness. Players will survive, explore, build, team-up, and compete through the wilds of this open world for valuable new discoveries and control over a massive map. In these uncharted lands, players can band together to survive against carnivorous dinosaurs or tame them as companions.

If you have no idea what Durango is, you can actually check out the CBT review I did a few months back for OnRPG which you can check it here. Or you can drop by and check out the community through the Fanpage.

To give you a skinny on the game during my time testing it out is that, it’s a really good open world mobile game. It really just feels like the other PC based (cause that’s my experience) open world games so this is a really solid game.