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New Ragnarok Mobile Game, ROX in CBT Phase

It’s as if the world needs another Ragnarok Online mobile game, we’re getting another one courtesy of Nuverse with Ragnarok X: Next Generation, or ROX.

Currently, in its CBT phase, ROX is currently testing out its servers and player base interest as the CBT period would last until May 8th. You can head to this link for the pre-registration (if you’re using iOS) or join in on the CBT if you’re using android (via Google Play). Currently, only players from Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore have access to the CBT period.

Also as of April 24, if you haven’t jumped into the game and created an account then you’re out of luck. Your next opportunity to get into the mobile game is through the OBT phase of ROX.

ROX is licensed by Gravity and developed by The Dream Network. It’s a 3D re-imaging of Rune-Midgard using the oh-so-loved Ragnarok Online job class system and a lot of familiar monsters in the beloved MMORPG.

During the CBT period, ROX will have the original six (6) classes (Swordsman, Thief, Acolyte, Mage, Archer, and Merchant) available to choose from. You can also job change to the 1-1 classes which are the Knight, Assassin, Wizard, Hunter, and Blacksmith classes.

Those who are participating and pre-registered will also be gifted a variety of in-game rewards including the title of New Generation, Campus Festival Backpack, and a 30-day Hamster Mount.

You can head to the game’s official Facebook page here and here for the Instagram page, and here for their YouTube channel.