Light Puzzle Tayo is Now Live in the Philippines

Another game from just came out for both the Android and iOS platforms, the puzzle-strategy game, Light Puzzle Tayo.

It’s basically a puzzle game where you have to make a path for the cubes to reach from one end to another to switch the light on in the stage. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from the game:

Light Puzzle Modes

  • Star Mode: You can get various cube if you collect many star while solving the puzzle
  • Move Mode: Connect the path within the number of move you make. Lesser moves means more score and stars to get.
  • Twin Mode: the purple block puzzle piece will be your guide to connect the two switch to turn on the lights and complete the puzzle.

Light Puzzle Menu:

  • Back button: Easier control of your game and freely have the chance to go back whenever you want
  • Restart button: Allows you to refresh your brain and gives you idea how the puzzles was place in the beginning
  • Cube menu: Cube button is where you can select what style of cube you want to get to play with your puzzle
  • Hint menu:  Use the hints to solve the puzzle easier. Completing the hardest levels using this hint is a easy way to spare yourself some failing to complete the puzzle! Thankfully hint button will give you a chance to help you finish the puzzle so you can get as much fun and excitement while solving the puzzle! You should look for the little magnifying glass icon at the bottom right, and the ones that have it include a hint as reward.
  • Tutorial menu: Allow you to learn and gives information on how to play the game.

To know more about the game, you can check out the Light Puzzle Tayo fanpage, or you can download the game here for android users of here for iOS users.