Legends of Runeterra Gets Latest Expansion, Cosmic Creation

Riot Games has released the latest expansion for their CCG Legends of Runeterra called Cosmic Creation today.

Cosmic Creation is the CCG’s third and last expansion of the Call of the Mountain Set. The set first came out last August 26, with the second expansion coming out last October.

The Cosmic Creation expansion will bring in a new keyword, Augment, which will add a permanent +1|+0 bonus any time a ‘created’ card is played after they’ve been summoned. Created cards are cards that have been created by any other card. So cards who are invoked, created in your deck and then drawn, or directly created in-hand. Some card texts have been updated on existing cards to clarify what is considered as a created card.

New Champions

We will also be getting three new champions which are namely:

  • Riven (Noxus) – “What is broken, can be reforged.”
    • Reforge the shattered Blade of the Exile to grant powerful effects to Riven and her allies, and destroy the enemy’s Nexus with overwhelming power.
  • Viktor (Piltover & Zaun) – “Behold, my exquisite creations!”
    • Join the glorious evolution and upgrade Viktor with new keywords every round, then conquer the board with an army of augmented followers of Viktor’s own creation.
  • Zoe (Targon) – “This is gonna be so much fun!”
    • Zoe makes the universe just a little less predictable by invoking, copying, and creating an endless cycle of low-cost cards. Rapidly play new cards to permanently alter the match, and buff up your board with every newly-summoned ally. The power of friendship always prevails!

We will also be getting 40 new cards in Cosmic Creation. Targon, Noxus, and Piltover & Zaun will be getting 10 each while the remaining regions will get 2. Five (5) cards with Augment, and five (5) new landmarks are also added to the card pool.

Other features added to Legends of Runeterra via Cosmic Creation are:

Prismatic Card Styles

  • Patch 1.16 introduces Prismatic Card Styles—a new way to customize your favorite cards in your collection.
  • Players can upgrade all their copies (present & future) of a particular card to Prismatic using either new Prismatic Chests (obtained through quests), the new Essence currency, or Coins. 

Special Lab: Multilab

  • Moving forward, there will be multiple Labs available at a given time. Every once in a while, one of the Labs on the list will be rotated out for a new Lab, so there’s always something new to discover! Patch 1.16 brings back three favourites from throughout 2020:
    • Quick Draw
    • Star Power
    • Journey to the Peak

Updated Region Roads

  • The Region Roads for Targon, Noxus, and Piltover & Zaun have been extended so players can pursue all the new cards in Cosmic Creation.
  • Players can now obtain the free Zaun regional card back on the updated Piltover & Zaun road.

New cosmetic items

The Undercity Board
The Undercity Board
  • The Undercity board
  • Nyandroid Von Yipp guardian
  • The Exile card back
  • 4 new emotes featuring Von Yipp, Viktor, Riven, and Zoe

Cosmic Creation New Emotes Image

And then some

LoR Cosmic Creation Battle Deck Bundle Image
Battle Deck Bundle


  • Forged for Battle deck bundle, featuring Riven & Taric.
  • New Expeditions archetypes
  • New Challenges & Quests
  • Ranked reward icons, a new Ranked season, and the road to the next Seasonal Tournament!