Kamen Rider coming to the Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has announced a new Kamen Rider game for the Nintendo Switch called Kamen Rider Climax Scramble. Kamen Rider Climax Scramble will have Japanese voices with English subtitles, which I usually prefer, across the Southeast Asia markets (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia) and will feature a full roster of Riders! 

Kamen Rider: Climax Scramble will feature 31 different riders, from the first Heisei rider “Kuuga” to most recent one from Japan. They guaranteed it to be action filled fighting game. Like you would expect of a Nintendo Switch game, players will be able to share the Joy-Con™ in cooperative , or face off against each other 1-on-1 combat.

Kamen Rider: Climax Scramble has yet to be announced, but you can keep yourself updated by following Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia Facebook or join the conversation on their Twitter.