Japan is Getting a New Monster Hunter Game Next Year and Here’s What They’re Getting

The newest Nintendo Direct announced that Japan is getting itself a new Monster Hunter game next year. The latest Monster Hunter title, Monster Hunter XX will add 2 new Hunter Styles, a Diablos Variant, the return of Barioth and Barroth and new main monster.

To list off what we currently know from the direct, here’s the rundown of the info we got.

2 New Hunting Styles


  • The Direct states that we are getting two new hunting styles for the upcoming MH title
  • The first one is the brave style which seems to focus on dealing out damage
  • The other new style, based from the silhouette would seem to focus on bombing

Return of Diablos, Barioth and Barroth

And then there was Barroth
And then there was Barroth
  • As one of the new monsters that are coming out in Monster Hunter XX, we are getting a Diablos variant
  • Also along with the reveal of the return of one of the most irritating monsters in MH history, Diablo’s habitat is also making a comeback in XX
  • Barrioth is also coming back to the XX we are shown his main form so we’re not sure if we’re getting also a deviant version of him as well
  • Barroth also, another monster originating from Monster Hunter Third is also seen as a monster we are going to be able to face in XX

G Rank Quests is back


One of the things that people have been complaining with Monster Hunter X (Generations to us), is the lack of the higher difficulty G-rank quests. Well that complain seems to be heard and answered with XX. We will get to make our lives living hell yet again as Monster Hunter XX brings back the G-rank quests

New Monster


Aside from the addition of Diablos in this update. It seems that XX will also bring a new monster in it’s roster. Currently the monster is named Barufaruku in the Japanese language. But it seems like it’s a mesh between Yu-Gi-Oh’s Blue Eyes White Dragon and jetpacks.

Prowlers getting an upgrade

Prowlers seems to be getting an upgrade with XX as they can seem to be able to use Hunting arts as well. But that remains to be seen.

Saved Files


We are informed that the saved files from Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter Stories are transferable to XX. As to what we will be getting from the transfer has yet to be announced.

Still on the 3DS

So far, base from the video shown in the Direct. Monster Hunter XX is still a 3DS port. Contrary to the seemingly general consensus that it’s going to be a Nintendo Switch title. But we are not told if this is going to the newest Nintendo console yet, so that’s still up for debate.

For those who missed the Direct, you can just view it right here.

The game’s Japan release date is next year March 18. So far we have no word if we’re getting our own localized version of the game. But with Generations just being released a few months ago, it’s highly likely a year needs to pass before we’re getting our own version of XX.

So there you have it! This is currently the information given to us from the Direct. Did I miss anything? Did I misunderstand any of the announcements? Please do drop a comment to correct me on that!