Jaina Proudmoore’s Solo Adventures Opens Up in Hearthstone

Know more about the Warcraft’s most iconic character.

Hearthstone has announced that they are releasing a free solo adventure in-game that focuses on Jaina Proudmoore.

The adventure as always will have her pre-built deck, and will provide glimpses on her lore with her as the hero character. You can as usual challenge powerful bosses in the solo adventure as well.

Completing Jaina’s story will reward 1 Mage Pack, which of course contains only Mage cards for standard.

Hearthstone Book of Heroes will bring fresh and FREE single-player content over the course of the next 12 months, until the stories for all 10 core Heroes have been told. Book of Heroes contains 10 parts and player will get to experience 8 missions in each part that cover their backstories.

Join Hearthstone’s Senior Narrative Designer Valerie Chu in the latest Hearthside Chat for a virtual overview on Hearthstone Book of Heroes below.