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Ever since the times I got to consistently use Netflix in not only blog related content creation but also on my down time (when I have any), I’ve been watching tons of shows on the streaming platform so it’s pretty much expected that it would come to a point where I would run out of things to watch.

While I personally abhor following the latest trends when it comes to watching shows (I know it’s ironic right?), as a blogger who covers the geek scene and a lot of Netflix stuff, it’s nice to see that the service has added a the Top 10 feature (as you can see below).

The top 10 feature acts just like what it is, it lists down the top ten most watched movies in the country that you’re watching from.

Also  this feature also adds the Top 10 badge on the shows in your interface even outside the Top 10 List.

While this feature isn’t really as revolutionary, it adds a bit more whenever I feel like browsing through the streaming service.

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