Hexmon War Celebrates Being Featured Game in Google Play Worldwide Release

Redbana US is celebrating the worldwide release of Hexmon War and the moment where the the game has reached featured game status in Google Play. Along with the status, the game is also experiencing it’s world wide release.

Along with the game’s release you can expect things from the game (for a limited time)

More Action More Hexmon War Event

Non-stop action gameplay with Hexmon! Free 60 Action Points every day for 2 weeks and there’s more, Action points recharge is changed from 5mins to 1 min. Hurry and play daily as this will only last for two weeks

Keep the Party Going!

Play and login consecutively for seven day straight and get more rewards.

  • 1st day – Get 20 BanaCash
  • 2nd day – Get 30 BanaCash plus 3 Star Hexmon (Royal Guard Overseer)
  • 3rd day – Get 40 BanaCash
  • 4th day – Get 50 BanaCash
  • 5th day – Get 60 BanaCash
  • 6th day – Get 70 BanaCash
  • 7th day – Get 130 BanaCash

Double Weekend Blast

Play until your heart’s content and get free Banacash and Gold during the weekend.

  • Playtime for Banacash

Stay longer in the game and received extra Banacash.

  • Play Time Gold Event

Stay longer in the game and received extra Gold.

New Packages

Get your hands on the new packages for only 9.99 USD on Starter Package and 19.99 USD for Elite Starter Package.

  • Starter Packages

Banacash: 1250
Gold: 25000
Clear Ticket: 20 pcs
1x Random 4 star Hexmon

  • Elite Starter Package

Banacash: 2750
Gold: 95000
Clear Ticket: 100 pcs
2x Random 4 star Hexmon

Get more exciting packages with incredible discounts starting at 20.99 USD up to 59.99 USD.

  • Lily’s Beginners Package

Banacash = 3,000
Gold = 50,000
Action Points = 60
1x Berserker (5star Hexmon)

  • Lily’s Adventure Package

Banacash = 5,000
Gold = 100,000
Action Points = 100
1x Random  4 Star Stickers
1x 5 Star Hexmon (Hexmons from Piece Dungeons Only)

  • Lily’s Master Package

Banacash = 10,000
Gold = 200,000
Action Points = 200
Clear Ticket = 50
2x Random 5 Star Stickers
1x Random 5 Star Hexmon

Hexpack Sales Extravaganza!

Hurry and get 30% discount for Hexpacks in a limited time offer only! Offer last until Jun 21, 2017 EDT.

New 6* Hexmon

Introducing the New 6 Star Hexmon Dark Captain

For more info, you can check the Hexmon facebook account, Twitter account, and Website.