Heroes of the Storm’s newest hero & the return of the Lunar Festival

There is a new hero gracing the Nexus, and her name is Maiev Shadowsong. Maiev is the night elf warden who was once tasked to guard Illidan, and had done so for over 10,000 years until he escaped. Now she has tracked her prey to the Nexus is ready to exact her vengeance.

Maiev is an assassin great at chasing down enemies, dodging attacks, and keeping them from escaping. Damage multiple enemies, bait out powerful abilities, and drive your enemies into your trap. If your opponents try to run or hide, bring them back to you with your cage or contain them entirely and keep them out of the clash entirely.

The Lunar Festival has come once more and with it, lots of gifts as well in the form quest rewards up to March 5

Play two games in Versus A.I., Quick Match during the Lunar Festival to unlock the Cute Lunar Skyrocket Spray. Play five more games for the Lunar Warchest, eight more games to gain the Cute Lunar Guardian Portrait, and play ten more games after that to finally win, and ride the Lunar Skyrocket Mount.

You can check out more about Maiev here,