Shadow Factory is releasing its third game, Stupid Cupid, which is now available for Early Access on Steam. The game combines both archery and puzzles where players help a cupid save his job by pairing up animals with his bow and arrow.

Stupid Cupid features quirky, low-polygon art, as well as original music and sound effects—all created by Shadow Factory, and their talented team. The game has three different game modes: objective, eco, and genocide. The game also features various animals with personalities that players will learn about as they progress through the levels and an environment that changes throughout the seasons.

“As this is Shadow Factory’s first full-fledged game, it was important to us to release the game for Early Access. Aside from our continuous playtesting, we wanted to get the Steam community involved and listen to its feedback in order to create the highest-quality VR game we can.” – Lindsay Holloway, Shadow Factory Senior Brand Manager.

Stupid Cupid debuted at the Taipei Game Show last January 2019 and has already enjoyed early release at select arcades around the world. It is now available for Early Access on Steam for 5.99 usd and is playable on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The game will also be available in the Oculus Store and other platforms soon.

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