Hatsune Miku Returns to Brave Frontier for a Limited Time

Brave Frontier players are in for a treat as the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. Is coming back to the world of Grand Gaia. The collaboration will last till March 19 PST.

Winter Chapter

  • Collaboration Summon: Snow Miku  (Feb 7 – Mar 6)
    Coming this winter season, get a chance to summon Snow Miku 2018! Adding more to the festivities, Snow Miku 2017 will be available in the Collaboration Summon as well! Be charmed by their uplifting melodies and refreshing voices as they journey across Grand Gaia. The perfect companions for your favorite Squad!
  • Winter Dungeon: Melody of Winter (Feb 7 – Feb 28)
    While looking for her animal friends during a snowstorm, Snow Miku accidentally stumbled into Grand Gaia. Blessed with an ability to create soothing melodies to quiet storms and pacify the greatest of monsters, she bravely ventured into the unknown. Lost and unsure of the way back home, will you be her guide and help her return to her own world?

    Venture into the dungeon, collect Yukine Tokens and exchange them for the event exclusive Sphere, Kagura Suzu! And while you play, enjoy The Snow Miku 2018 Festival theme song Round Off The Square Earth by TOKOTOKO as the background music!

Spring Chapter

  • Collaboration Summon: Sakura Miku (Feb 28 – Mar 19)
    Spring is coming with more Hatsune Miku! Celebrate the season of a thousand cherry blossoms with the phenomenal Senbonzakura Miku! But wait, there’s more! Back for a rerun, grab the chance to summon Mankai Sakura Miku from the Spring Themed Summon Gate during this period as well!
    * More events related to the Spring Chapter will be announced on the Brave Frontier official channel at a later time.

Returning Contents

  • Event Dungeon: Songstress of Light (Feb 7 – Mar 19)
    The Hatsune Miku dungeon from the first collaboration is back! Catch her famous performance deep in the ancient ruins during the event period. Don’t miss this chance to get yourself the one and only, the original, Hatsune Miku!
  • Collaboration Summon: Virtual Singers (Feb 7 – Mar 19)
    Furthermore, the 2014 Virtual Singers series returns for another round of fun! Seize the chance to summon all of the 2014 Virtual Singers – Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len, and Luka at the Special Summon Gate!

You can download the game here: android | iOS