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Gravity Game Tech has officially announced the launch of Ragnarok Tactics, a new Idle+Strategy RPG set in the world of Midgard in the Southeast Asian region.

Ragnarok Tactics will have us be in the shoes of a monster commander, utilizing the monster roster of Midgard creatures as deployable units in a grid-based field. The game offers an entirely new experience for any fans familiar with the world of Ragnarok Online, with an all new Strategy RPG system that will be sure to give players hours upon hours of challenging gameplay. Some of these new systems include:

    • Summon and control over 60 familiar creatures from the world of Ragnarok Online
      • Limitless opportunities for synergies and game-changing combos!

    • Never stop farming with the Auto-battle system!
      • Conveniently train your monsters and farm for items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all without opening the game!

    • Hunt for valuable treasures!
      • Team up with your friends to take on the toughest MVP bosses, and reap the rewards!

    • Strengthen your allies with the Essence System!
      • The unique progression system, so you can make sure your favourite creatures are always in fighting shape

    • Challenge your friends with the Duel System
      • Battle your friends in real-time, and find out who among you is the most powerful!

    • Comprehensive Guild System
      • Assemble your closest allies to take on various challenges, from special Guild Bosses, Guild Dungeon, and earn your rewards from the Guild Treasure Chest! Work together to become Midgard’s best!

    • Guild War System
      • Become legends on the battlefields of the Guild Wars

For more information about Ragnarok Tactics, you can head here. While you can head here to download the game at the Google Play and here for the iOS App Store. You can also head here to check out the game’s facebook page.

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