Globe Offering 7 Days Free Access for Pokemon Go Once it is Released to Globe Switch Users

During the Globe Switch launch, PinoyScreenCast reported that it was announced that Globe will be providing free access for Pokemon Go once it’s released in the Philippines through their latest app, the Globe switch.

Here’s the announcement video courtesy of PinoyScreenCast.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”800″ height=”450″ onlyvideo=”0″]

To further explain WHAT Globe switch is, here’s the description from PinoyScreenCast:

globe switch

Globe Switch is designed with three main functions: OFFERS, CONTROL and USAGE. Under Offers are the best app deals that are only exclusive within Globe Switch. These deals are ready for download, ideal for those new to navigating online and using mobile data. Users can freely try and purchase these deals at a more affordable price. Globe Switch is your gateway to more than 3 GB worth of access to over 50 of the most popular apps. Purchases are conveniently charged to ones prepaid load, while some apps are permanently FREE to explore.

Header image is also courtesy of PinoySceenCast