Get Monies By Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Stream at Tamago

If you’re a competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang player and wants to earn a few cash on the side, then it seems like the streaming app, Tamago has something you might want to jump at.

Tamago is offering ML:BB players the opportunity to earn from playing and streaming the game. If you get the highest ranked within limited time against the pool of those registered for their 100 Legends contest, you can earn 8,000 usd, 4,000 usd for 2nd place, 3,000 usd for 3rd place, 350 usd for the 4th – 50th place and 200 usd for the 51st – 100th place.

Also, you need to stream at least 2 hours per day or 60 hours minimum for the all throughout the contest duration.

For the full details and registration for the contest you can head here.