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Get Free Apex Legends Mobile Skins for Topping Up at Codashop

Did you know that you can get skins if you purchased Syndicate Gold via Codashop?

You can obtain Interdimensional Skirmisher Wraith Skin, Bone Saw Spitfire Skin , Honored Prey Carbine Skin, and Night Terror Wraith Skin when you first top up in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Top Up any amount to get Wraith’s “Interdimensional Skirmisher” Legend Skin
  • Top Up any amount to get “Bone Saw” Skin for Spitfire
  • Top Up at least 999 Syndicate Gold to get “Honored Prey” Skin for Carbine
  • Top Up at least 2,499 Syndicate Gold to get Wraith’s “Night Terror” Legend Skin

Applicable for your very first top up in Apex Legends Mobile. If you have topped up in Apex Legends Mobile using other modes of payment, you will not obtain another First Top-Up Rewards.

You can check out Codashop store here.

If you’re not familiar with the game. Check out Apex Legends Mobile is a version of Apex Legends designed for mobile devices. It was released globally on May 17th, 2022. There’s in fact a strong local presence for the game. You can check out the first ever Apex Legends Mobile anniversary community event here. You can also check out our Apex Legends Mobile posts right here.