Fire Emblem Heroes – List of 3 – 5 Star Hereos You can Acquire (February 7, 2017)

Fire Emblem Heroes is already out for about a week or so now and people have been commenting not only on our fanpage but also personally. And I for one have been enjoying the game so far that I actually purchased a copy of Fire Emblem: Conquest earlier than expected.

One of the things you’re going to do, since this is a mobile game is to acquire the list of heroes you’d like for your team of 4 (which I also wanted to do). So I compiled the list of heroes that you can acquire from the summoning feature in-game starting from the 3 star heroes up to the 5 star ones. Because, really, that’s what you’d like to have anyway.

So far, the list I’m presenting is the ones that are present during this period of the game. With the Fire Emblem franchise spanning more than 12 titles so we’re expecting oodles of new heroes as the game continues on.

The table below contains the possibility of the hero you can get, what rarity they are at and the color in the weapon triangle they belong to.

Hero Name3 Star Rarity4 Star Rarity5 Star RarityColor
Abel, the PantherYesYesBlue
Arthur, Hapless HeroYesYesGreen
Azama, Carefree MonkYesYesGrey
Azura, Lady of the LakeYesBlue
Barst, the HatchetYesYesGreen
Bartre, Fearless WarriorYesYesGreen
Beruka, Quiet AssassinYesYesGreen
Caeda, Talys's HeartYesYesRed
Cain, the BullYesYesRed
Camilla, Bewitching BeautyYesYesGreen
Catria, Middle WhitewingYesYesBlue
Cecillia, Etrurian GeneralYesYesGreen
Cherche, Wyvern FriendYesYesGreen
Chrom, Exalted PrinceYesYesRed
Clarine, Refined NobleYesYesGrey
Cordelia, Knight ParagonYesYesBlue
Corrin, Fateful PrinceYesYesRed
Donnel, Village HeroYesYesBlue
Draug, Gentle GiantYesYesRed
Effie, Army of OneYesYesBlue
Elise, Budding FlowerYesGrey
Eliwood, Knight of LyciaYesYesRed
Est, Junior WhitewingYesYesBlue
Fae, Divine DragonYesYesGreen
Felicia, Maid MayhemYesYesGrey
Fir, Sword StudentYesYesRed
Florina, Lovely FlierYesYesBlue
Frederick, Polite KnightYesYesGreen
Gaius, Candy StealerYesYesGrey
Gordin, Altean ArcherYesYesGrey
Gunter, Inveterate SoldierYesYesGreen
Gwendolyn, Adorable KnightYesYesBlue
Hana, Focused SamuraiYesYesRed
Hawkeye, Desert GuardianYesYesGreen
Hector, General of OstiaYesGreen
Henry, Twisted MindYesYesRed
Hinata, Wild SamuraiYesYesRed
Hinoka, Warrior PrincessYesBlue
Jagen, Veteran KnightYesYesBlue
Jakob, Devoted ServantYesYesGrey
Jeorge, Perfect ShotYesYesGrey
Kagero, Honorable NinjaYesYesGrey
Laslow Dancing DuelistYesYesRed
Leo, Sorcerous PrinceYesRed
Lilina, Delightful NobleYesYesRed
Linde, Light MageYesBlue
Lissa, Sprightly ClericYesYesGrey
Lon'qu, Solitary BladeYesYesRed
Lucina, Future WitnessYesRed
Lyn, Lady of the PlainsYesRed
Maria, Minerva's SisterYesYesGrey
Marth, Altean PrinceYesYesRed
Matthew, Faithful SpyYesYesGrey
Merric, Wind MageYesYesGreen
Minerva, Red DragoonYesGreen
Niles, Cruel to be kindYesYesGrey
Nino, Pious MageYesYesGreen
Nowi, Eternal YouthYesYesBlue
Oboro, Fierce FighterYesYesBlue
Odin, Potent ForceYesYesBlue
Ogma, Loyal BladeYesYesRed
Olivia, Blushing BeautyYesYesRed
Palla, Eldest WhitewingYesYesRed
Peri, Playful SlayerYesYesBlue
Raigh, Dark ChildYesYesRed
Raven, Peerless FighterYesYesGreen
Robin, High DelivererYesYesYesBlue
Roy, Young LionYesYesRed
Ryoma, Peerless SamuraiYesRed
Saizo, Angry NinjaYesYesGrey
Sakura, Loving PriestessYesYesGrey
Selena, Cutting WitYesYesRed
Serra, Outspoken ClericYesYesGrey
Setsuna, Absent ArcherYesYesGrey
Shanna, Sprightly FlierYesYesBlue
Sheena, Princess of GraYesYesGreen
Sophia, Nabata ProphetYesYesRed
Stahl, Viridian KnightYesYesRed
Subaki, Perfect ExpertYesYesBlue
Sully, Crimson KngihtYesYesBlue
Takumi, Wild CardYesGrey
Tharja, Dark ShadowYesRed
Tiki, Naga's VoiceYesYesRed
Tiki, Dragon ScionYesRed
Virion, Elite ArcherYesYesGrey
Wrys, Kindly PriestYesYesGrey

Please feel free to leave a comment if there are corrections and mistakes on the list!