Final Fortress: Idle Survival Getting a Version 2 Update

The “End-of-the-world Incremental Clicker Game” Final Fortress: Idle Survival is getting a version 2 update, the mutation.

The 2nd version is providing waves of zombies and Boss Mutants to defend against in-game.

The game uses GAS is the new currency. Collect survivors, tap to make gas, and use your resources to build a variety of rooms each dedicated to a unique survival task. Grow food, generate power, and build your fortress from the blueprints you tap into along the way. Arm your tower, and protect against the zombie waves and mutated bosses.

More features include:

  • Reclaim humanity, build your Fortress floor by floor and start generating resources.
  • Level up your fortress. Grow your Fortress with new rooms each with its own unique function for
    survival. Level up your rooms and survivors to make them more productive. Find blueprints along
    the way to unlock extra special rooms.
  • Arm your floors. Each resource needs to be defended against the waves of dead and Boss Zʼs.
  • Jump in your truck and head off into the wilderness. Gather survivors and rebuild stronger than ever. Move on, collect more survivors and rebuild as many times as you want. The more survivors you have, the more gas you can make.
  • Radioactive Y.O.L.O. Boost. Blast away the debris and smog and boost your workers. Watch a video and get 4 hours of a double GAS BONUS.
  • Coffee Time! It’s the end of the world, your tapping like crazy to rebuild, sometimes you just need a boost. Double your Income, Productivity, for twenty seconds. Make the most of your caffeine hit.
  • Lucky wheel. Even in the aftermath you still get a door to door salesmen knocking at the fortress door. Earn or buy a spin on the lucky wheel to win a gift. Take a risk, after all, and itʼs not like things could get any worse.
  • Zombies Everywhere. Defend and be rewarded. Walking, Flying (Yep, some Zʼs found jetpacks), Zʼnami waves of undead, and the mutated BOSS zombies.
  • Go Global. Connect with friends online and gain a bonus increase productivity. Invite them to rooms to rebuild faster and stronger.


  • 15 Sniper Tower
  • 14 Laboratory
  • 13 Armoury
  • 12 Lounge bar
  • 11 Fitness room
  • 10 Carpentry room
  • 9 Communication center
  • 8 Water Treatment
  • 7 Workshop
  • 6 Clinic
  • 5 Kitchen
  • 4 Pantry
  • 3 Power Generator
  • 2 Garden
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 0 Ground Floor


  • Sniper
  • Mad Scientist
  • Craftsman
  • Barmaid
  • Trainer
  • Carpenter
  • Operator
  • Manual worker
  • Doctor and nurse
  • Chef
  • Employee
  • Mechanic Engineer
  • Gardener
  • Hotel Cleaner

You can check on the trailer below, or you can head to the website. Or download the game for the Android or iOS platforms.