The team FearUs will be representing the South East Asia region in the recently concluded Paladins SEA Qualifiers for the upcoming Paladins Summer Premier at Dreamhack Valencia July 13-15 in Spain.

FearUs gets the seat in a lot of hard fought matches against top Paladins team like Sea Monsters and Pavalllione:

Interesting enough, FearUs comprises of various players of different nationalities with 2 of them are Filipinos.

Here’s the current line-up for FearUs

  • Ariq “KingMOECCHI” Loupias (Indonesia)
  • Johan “Feezlefeez” Men (Indonesia)
  • Jerry “RestrictedGOD” Comia (Philippines)
  • Muhammad “Agnical” Faiz, (Malaysia)
  • Myuji “Myuji” Otsuji (Philippines)
  • “TheMyth” as sub (real name: Tu) (Vietnam)
  • Coach: Abhinandan “Velgor” Pande

Congratulations FearUs! And hope you guys fly high in Valencia!