Fantasy Squad Opens up Philippines Pre-Registration, Giving Away Tons of Stuff

Onplay is releasing yet another game with a bang as it’s title, Fantasy Squad is giving away an iPad Air 2, Samsung Gear S2 Classic and an Overwatch Limited Edition game for it’s pre-registration raffle.

FS Pre-reg PH prizes

You can head to this link for the pre-registration, while you can head to the official fanpage for more info or get to know people who want to try the game out.

The game description goes:

Fantasy Squad is an extreme action RPG that gives gamer an experience of a real-time battle with over 500,000 squad combinations. Conquer the world through vanquishing guardians. Synergize blood pact and awaken incredible skills. Prepare your squad for an ultimate battle as they gather by luck great weapon, armor or jewelry. Summon your chosen guardian to diminish all enemies and even hard-hitting bosses for each level. Take down possessed characters and start getting them for your formidable chosen squad.

Some of the listed game features include:

  • Half a million squad combination can be done
  • Experience highly acclaimed gameplay
  • Make your squad standout by training them each level
  • Unleash greater power through acquiring guardians

So there you have it! Right now, we don’t have any sure date for the release yet. But stay tuned and we’ll update you about the game as soon as we have it.