Fantasy Squad Latest Updates Increases Level Cap, Introduces Guild System and More Content

We got the latest that Onplay’s newest free-to-play mobile game is getting a bit of an upgrade with it’s latest content. And it would seem that the content update for Fantasy Squad puts a lot of social and narrative content for it’s current player base.

Here’s a rundown of the Fantasy Squad updates that will come your way:

  • Newest Area or Act is finally opened! – Act 6: Heavenly Forest is now unlocked. Get to see for yourself the additional Map that includes another exciting stage to battle! Normal, Hero, Master and Champion Difficulty are also included. Collect all 12 Fancy and Stylistic Heroes on Act 6 through Hero Summon! Celdia’s chained hero is now available!
  • Guild System is up! –Test how well your formed hero squad had been through Guild War. Exciting offerings are within Guild Room. Domination and Guardian War will be available really soon!
  • Experience Overdrive! – Exceed your level 30 heroes and max it up to level 40 using Ascend System or Overdrive. Level up your heroes through Expeditions or EXP ticket. Overdrive is available once you reached 6 ★+ Level 30 character/s.
  • Additional Missions/Quests are on the list. – Exciting missions and quests are now attainable. Complete all the Missions/Quests and receive rewards and or gifts.
  • NEW Guardian to obtain – The Buddha-like in the Guardian list has finally unlocked! Vango, The Guardian of Judgment is now available to use as a support for your team during Infinite Battle, Area of Conqueror and Expeditions.

You can download the game for your iOS and Android devices now. For more info, you can head to the Fantasy Squad fanpage here.