Endless Pixel Game, Smashy Toys is Now Available to Both Android and Apple Devices

Fans of the “endless pixel” type of game is in for a treat as the pixel-themed action shooter Smashy Toys is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

The game, published by Onplay Corp. seems to bank heavily on it’s retro style pixel design with an emphasis on zany and fun sound and visual effects. The game is free to play for both devices. You can however pay to purchase those other items in the item mall.

Here’s a short rundown of the game features:

  • Over 30 toys available
  • Different obstacles and appearance in never-ending stages
  • Thrill of Destroying Obstacles
  • Various skills and stats on each toys
  • Fantastic Voxel-style graphics
  • 5 different familiar sound styles of music
  • Daily reward and random toys trial

You can download the game on the google playstore here, and here for the apple app store.

For the game’s trailer you can just look at the Youtube video below: