Dragonpay’s SureTayo Launches Its Own Smartphone App

Dragonpay‘s payment solutions service, SureTayo has officially launched it’s own smartphone app in an intimate event in Makati City.

The mobile app is designed to cope with the demands of every transaction done through the service and to easily facilitate and manage customer payments for sellers. The app boasts a straightforward UI, simple processes, and provides SureTayo’s customer’s what they need.

The app features six (6) main tools aimed to help the customer which are namely:

  • Profile – Registration is now done through the app. Through the app’s dashboard, the profile button contains the seller’s information and link that they can share to their customers to place orders.
  • Order – Invoice creation is also done through the app. The SureTayo app boastas that you just need to fill-up the transaction details and the invoice is immediately created and sent to the buyer via SMS, email, or other messaging apps. The buyer will receive a link that he/she can use to pay via Dragonpay payment channels.
  • Transactions – Once the payment has been settled, the seller will be notified through the transaction button. This button also allows you to check the status of your transactions.
  • Payout – The payout button also helps the seller to see his/her total earnings for the week and when it will be received to his/her registered bank account.
  • FAQ – The FAQ button promises answers questions for both sellers and buyers
  • Rewards – Button specifically made to report the latest promos and special offers

We created SureTayo with the promise of making the seller-buyer transactions convenient, fast, and easy, and I am proud to say that we were able to do it. While we achieved this feat, we in Dragonpay never stopped innovating. We developed the SureTayo app to ensure that we adapt to the needs of our clients.

Said Robertson” Dick” Chiang, the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Dragonpay Corporation.

You can get more info about SureTayo check out their website or even follow their fanpage.