Digital Walker Calls for Minecraft Experts to Take Their Challenge and Bring Home Prizes

Calling all Minecraft master builders, architects, designers or whatever titles you have for being great Minecraft builders. Digital Walker is offering you a chance to bring home some cold hard cash for designing a real awesome Digital Walker Concept store in-game.

Winners can take home the following prizes:

Minecraft Challenge Prizes

For those who can’t view the image it basically says that the first price can go home with 10,000 php. Second place can net you 5,000 php and the third place can also get you 3,000 php. There are also special awards given like the Fan favorite award that nets you a GC worth 5,000 php. Even if you don’t get the top three or even the fan favorite award, the consolation prize will still net you Urbanears headphones.

You have till April 15 for submission entries  and the judging period starts from April 18-19. You’ll then have the Social Media posting and campaign for April 20-24 with the official announcement of winners on April 25.

DW Minecraft Challenge Carousel_02

The full challenge mechanics are as follows:

Thanks OMGLuie for the image

You can check out the full details of the challenge’s mechanics and judging criteria on this link.