Digital vs. Analog: Does Analog or Real-world Experience Still Hold Value to Millennial Geeks?

In a digital world, does analog still hold a place in the hearts of geeks around the world? That’s the question we’re looking to address in this article.

There are some interesting indicators in a sea of Millennials glued to their smartphones that digital is not all it’s cracked up to be. For instance, despite the growth in smartphone games, many fans still stick to PC or console gaming. Experiences are holding value over material goods, which is a marked departure from the previous generation. Vinyl, an odd relic from a bygone era, is now outselling CDs in some countries.

What’s going on? Let’s delve in to find out more.

The Resurgence of Vinyl

Vinyl has come back in a big way to surprise many pundits who thought it was dead. New vinyl producers have sprung up to meet the demand for increased production and colorful vinyl record designs.

It’s an odd phenomenon when you consider that digital downloads are still so popular and CDs sell in the millions. The clearly lower-quality playback, which is far more dependent on the equipment used and isn’t portable like a MP3 player, has gained ground regardless. On both sides of the pond, sales of vinyl are way up in a resurgence that began around 2007.

Even with audio formats like FLAC, which is superior to MP3, the larger vinyl format with its jacket sleeves, information about the artists, and tangible realness, is creating new fans.

Experiences Being Valued Over Things

Whilst the 70-inch curved widescreen TV in your living room or bedroom continues to blur the boundaries between a movie theater screen and what’s possible at home, nothing replaces a real experience.

In an age when people walk around wearing Bluetooth headphones, somewhat oblivious to the people around them, the realness of human connection is largely being lost.

Just like how a letter received in the mail seems quaint compared to an email nowadays, attending a live sporting event has a visceral quality that you just don’t get with Sports Night on TV. Being in the crowd and being able to soak up the atmosphere and the sense of anticipation for the big game creates a totally different emotional reaction that’s just not present when spectating at home.

If you don’t believe us, pick up some tickets from, and try it for yourself!

Some Influencers Being Trusted Less

Social media influencers are now having trouble with trust.

Perhaps due to previous undeclared commercial interests (mention our brand, and receive a payment), consumers are now increasingly skeptical about brand or product promotions. This is especially the case when it comes out of the blue or doesn’t match their brand message.

Real people with websites around topics they’re passionate about and social influencers with a smaller following but who stick to key issues just feel more authentic.

Things that are physically tangible or at least can be validated within a digital environment seem to be holding more sway with younger geeks today. In an era when anyone can start a YouTube channel, people are now starting to ask, “What qualifies you to talk on this subject?” And it’s about time too.