Capcom Announces Mobile Rockman Game Set for This Year

Capcom has announced that they’re going to bring in the classic Rockman game experience to the mobile with the upcoming title, Rockman X Drive.

Based on the brief sent by Capcom, Rockman X Drive will focus on this storyline:

The story plot of ”MEGAMAN X DiVE” was based on the computer world where the game data of Megaman X Series was stored called Deep Log. Because Deep Log appears abnormal condition, the Mavericks spring up and start destroying the computer world and even causing your, the players’ , memory for Megaman X Series game. The computer world turns into chaos and needs you to “Repair” urgently. That’s right, we’re waiting for you! Once you step into Deep Log, you will be able to manipulate any of the characters from Megaman X Command Mission and Megaman X Series game such as X, Zero, Axl and even more!

It seems like Capcom is also partnering with ASUS with Rockman X Drive especially with their upcoming ROG Phone II. I’m going to wait for further announcements for this. Meanwhile, you can still check out the Rockman X Drive website and fanpage.