Brave Frontier’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

Gumi Inc is celebrating Brave Frontier‘s 5th Anniversary and everyone is invited! To show their gratitude to the players, they have prepared something special starting with a Trivia with Rizky and Shaly. Players will be able take on Rizky and Shaly’s 5th Anniversary Trivia dungeon and put their knowledge of the game to the test, of which there will be fantastic prizes at the end.

Players will also be receiving Jubilee Tickets and Jubilee Chests, based on the amount of time they’ve invested into the game up until November 27, 2018. Meaning those who have been playing the game for the 5 years its been running will be getting the most out of this. From these chests players will have a chance to obtain Elementum tomes, Amber Butterflies, elemental shards, and even more fabulous freebies. You can also grab this chance to summon powerful units for free at the anniversary exclusive Jubilee Summon Gate.

The Unit-of-Choice campaign has also returned. Log in for a total of 50 Days between October 12 until December 12 to gain powerful heroes or heroines from the wide world of Gaia for free. All units are available for summoning in this campaign except for units from Guild Raid, Vortex Arena, and the Rift.

All throughout the 5th Anniversary, the Anniversary Omni Summon Gates will be constantly updated with featured units starting with Florence, Serin, and Nia. You can also log in every Friday to receive a free Anniversary ticket. On top of that, tickets will be scattered in the various login campaign gifts during the 5th Anniversary Period. 

On top of the usual Gem giveaways during their login campaigns, they will also be giving everyone Gems for every date that ends with the number 5 during the Anniversary celebration period.

If you’d like to know more you can visit Brave Frontier’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or even visit their official website here.

Brave Frontier is available for download globally on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone devices.

Note: All dates mentioned are PST