Battleground Z Rare Zombie Guide

Battleground Z is one of the premium StreetPass Mii Plaza games for the 3DS. The game lets the character’s avatar fight against the zombie horde that suddenly cropped up. Using various weapons and what not, your avatar will have to face the undead horde with the given weapons provided through StreetPass.

Aside from the usual zombie grunts you will be facing in-game. Battleground Z has a rare zombie list that you can also accomplish to not only complete your achievements in-game but also to earn StreetPass tickets as well. Here’s the complete list taken from the compiled list of Gamefaqs user, maskeXD. The guide is also improved on by other Gamefaqs users which are noted in the guide.

#1 gourmet zombie

  • Weapon: utensils (Hobby: Eating Well)
  • Location: Mall Plaza
  • Trigger: Use your charge attack to spawn a steak (try to catch as many zombies as possible for this to happen, the third bunch of zombies that appear on the first wave should be enough) and it will spawn in wave 2. – sent by Da_doppen

#2 sleepy zombie

  • Weapon: sheep pillow (Hobby: Sleeping)
  • Location: Power Plant
  • Trigger: Use a charge attack with the lights off.

#3 chatty zombie

  • Weapon: megaphone (Hobby: Chatting)
  • Location: Laboratory Entrance
  • Trigger: Just do all your charge moves before wave 2 ends. Appears by the third wave.

#4 party zombie

  • Weapon: party popper (Hobby: Partying)
  • Location: Rooftop Showdown
  • Trigger: Use all of your charge attacks.

#5 fashionable zombie

  • Weapon: formal suit (Hobby: Fashion)
  • Location: Back Alley
  • Trigger: After getting the key, start heading down the alley to the left. Use the charge attack on the suit / dress on the way down, and the zombie should appear from behind a backstage door. – sent by baroness_praxis

#6 shopaholic zombie

  • Weapon: shopping bags (hobby: Shopping)
  • Location: Mall Entrance
  • Trigger: Just use all 3 of its charges. The Rare Zombie should then come outside from the Mall’s front doors.- sent by baroness_praxis

#7 helpful zombie

  • Weapon: costume (Hobby: Helping Others)
  • Location: Subway Station
  • Trigger: Use the costume to defeat the last zombie that pops out of the northern rail before the train runs it over. The rare zombie will come from the stairs.

#8 studious zombie

  • Weapon: pencil (hobby: Studying)
  • Location: Hospital
  • Trigger: As soon as you get the pencil, use up its only charge attack. The Rare Zombie should appear in the following wave. – sent by baroness_praxis

#9 money-savvy zombie

  • Weapon: piggy bank (hobby: Making Money)
  • Location: Mall Walkway
  • Trigger: Around the middle the level, you’ll run into a group of 3 zombies with spiked trash cans on their heads. Behind them, there’s a rocky zombie eating form a blue garbage can. Destroy both the zombie and the can with the piggy bank to make the rare zombie appear later on the stage.

#10 cooking zombie

  • Weapon: frying pan (Hobby: Cooking)
  • Location: Food Court Showdown
  • Trigger: Use a single charge attack from the frying pan onto the café right at the back of the level. – sent by baroness_praxis

#11 cleaning zombie

  • Weapon: broom (Hobby: Cleaning)
  • Location: Graveyard Showdown
  • Trigger: Use all of your charge attacks.

#12 gamer zombie

  • Weapon: Wii Remote (Hobby: Playing Video Games)
  • Location: Laboratory
  • Trigger: Use Wii Remote’s charge attack in front of the PC monitor by the entrance of the upper-left tank puzzle.

#13 web-surfing zombie

  • Weapon: tablet (Hobby: Using the Internet)
  • Location: Suburb
  • Trigger: Use the charge attack to deliver a package in front of the upper left house.

#14 music-loving zombie

  • Weapon: boom box (Hobby: Listening to Music)
  • Location: Tunnel (Countryside)
  • Trigger: Use all four charge attacks before reaching the first roadblock. The zombie should appear in the end of the wave that comes from the right door.

#15 movie-buff zombie

  • Weapon: ray gun (Hobby: Watching Movies)
  • Location: Parking Lot
  • Trigger: Use a single ray gun’s charge attack to defeat all three zombies clinging to the fence by the billboards on the East.

#16 well-read zombie

  • Weapon: pop-up book (Hobby: Reading)
  • Location: Warehouse
  • Trigger: Use the book’s charge attack on a pile of pink books on a trolley to the right side of the stage.

#17 driving zombie

  • Weapon: go-kart (Hobby: Driving)
  • Location: Highway
  • Trigger: Use go-kart’s charge attack to run over all the zombies forming an S-shaped line around the middle of the stage. You must first break the boxes before the line to clear the path for the bus, or else you won’t be able to reach the end of the line.

#18 sporty zombie

  • Weapon: bowling ball (Hobby: Playing Sports)
  • Location: Stadium Showdown
  • Trigger: Use the charge attack to strike down all of the zombies that pop up from the ground in the beginning of the level. Stepping back is advised, as the ball grows as it rolls forward.

#19 outdoorsy zombie

  • Weapon: backpack (Hobby: The Outdoors)
  • Location: Research Center Entrance
  • Trigger: Use the backpack’s charge attack on the crossroads of the purple fountain.

#20 traveling zombie

  • Weapon: suitcase (Hobby: Traveling)
  • Location: Gas Station
  • Trigger: Do the charge move before wave 2 ends, the zombie will appear by the third wave.

#21 fishing zombie

  • Weapon: fishing rod (Hobby: Fishing)
  • Location: Hydroelectric Dam
  • Trigger: Use the charge attack during the stage. The zombie will appear before opening the last door.

#22 shutterbug zombie

  • Weapon: camera (Hobby: taking photos)
  • Location: Elevator
  • Trigger: Use the charge attack as many times as possible to hit as many zombies as possible, next to Dr. Scarlet.

#23 artistic zombie

  • Weapon: art supplies (Hobby: Drawing)
  • Location: Suburb Showdown
  • Trigger: Use all charge attacks to make the zombie appear.

#24 pet enthusiast zombie

  • Weapon: robotic pet (Hobby: Keeping Pets)
  • Location: Construction Site
  • Trigger: On the place that explosive zombies come out of the ground, use the robotic pet’s charge attack towards the pipe on the lower right.

#25 dancing zombie

  • Weapon: disco ball (Hobby: Dancing)
  • Location: Graveyard
  • Trigger: Use disco ball’s charge attack by the second wave. The zombie appears by the third wave.

#26 secretive zombie

  • Weapon: tote bag (Hobby: Other)
  • Location: Cornfield
  • Trigger: Use the charge attack three times and the rare zombie will appear on the outer ring running clockwise.