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Balangay Live to Debut Its Generation 0: Liwayway Vtubers

Indie Filipino vtuber group Balangay Live will debut its Generation 0: Liwayway this weekend.

They are debuting three vtubers which are namely, Bbi Bakunawa, Mino Minokawa, and Saysay this coming November 19, and 20.

Bibi Bakunawa

Balangay Live Bibi Bakunawa Image

She is the self-styled hottie with the horns, mommy without a first-born. Bibi Bakunawa is a fortune-telling, moon-eating dragon from the waters of Biringan. Her stately figure and gorgeous looks inspire awe from her followers. Intelligent and insightful, she also holds history teaching and tarot reading streams. She enjoys visual novels, lambanog, and karaoke.

Bibi Bakunawa debuts on November 19, 7:00 p.m. on her Twitch channel.

You can check her out in these platforms: Twitch, TwitterFacebook, Tiktok, Gank.

Mino Minokawa

Balangay Live Mino Minokawa Image

A thief (treasure hunter?) possessed by the sun-eating bird of the eclipse, Mino Minokawa is a man of many faces. Sometimes his streams are chaotic, as he shoots zombies that are modded to look like childhood cartoon characters, and spews language reminiscent of kanto netshops after four p.m. Sometimes his streams are him drawing while listening to chill beats, barely saying a word. Don’t question why he uses a hotdog to draw, you might not like the answer. He likes multiplayer games, sub sandwiches, and hip-hop.

Mino Minokawa debuts on November 19, 9:00 p.m. on his Twitch channel.

You can check him out in these platforms: Twitch, Twitter, Facebook. Gank.


Balangay Live Saysay Image

To the most ardent of Philippine vtuber fans, Saysay might need no introduction. Called Isay or Boss Isay by her loyal followers, her cuteness and charisma has enthralled several into joining this goddess in exploring different historical and fantastical Filipino realms. An avid adventurer, she can speak several languages including English, Filipino, Arabic, Bisaya and Japanese. Don’t let her adorable smile fool you, her fire magic comes from dark sources. She enjoys co-op games, hosting community events, and dressing up.

Saysay debuts on November 20, 7:00 p.m. on her Twitch channel.

You can check her out in these platforms: Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Throne,

Balangay Live is a proudly Filipino group that is made of independent vtubers. All personas within the group is based from creatures of Filipino myths and legends. These vtubers also aim to discuss, educate, and appreciate Filipino culture in their own ways on top of the usual enjoying video games on stream.

Aside from Generation 0: Liwayway, Balangay Live has announced future generations coming out of the group will debut colorful characters such as an alluring manananggal, a hardworking mermaid, and a potato with a gripe against a popular folk song.

To know more about Balangay Live, you can check out their site here.