Announces Developer Challenge with a Total of 150,000 Prize Pool

Blockchain gaming solution provider announced today the launch of the first Alto Cryptogame Challenge (ACC), where developers will compete to pitch and develop their cryptogame ideas for a chance to win prizes and support from Alto. Developers vying for a piece of the 150,000 usd prize pool have from today until June 22, 2018 to register.

The blockchain gaming market is still in its infancy, with early games like CryptoKitties having great success monetizing cryptoitems that have little use beyond collectability. But many in the industry see cryptogames as the path forward, with the potential to fix issues in the free-to-play space and reduce the barrier to entry for small developers.

Alto aims to address these concerns by promoting an item-first economy in which cryptoitems can be used and sold across multiple games and transferred to other users — thus enabling developers to more easily acquire and retain players. In this context, the ACC is the perfect opportunity for them to develop games that support blockchain-based, non-fungible items with both gameplay and trading value. These games will be at the forefront of a thriving new gaming ecosystem.

The Alto Cryptogame Challenge will be the first of many initiatives we have for the game development community all over the world,

said Chase Freo, CEO of

We seek to push for an ecosystem where cryptoitems can be interoperable across multiple game worlds. With this contest showcasing just that, we’re very excited for the projects that emerge from it. So we are calling on all developers to help us build and achieve this together.

For the ACC, developers will be given a set of pre-made, fantasy-themed items among which they will choose five or more items to build their game around. These limited edition items will be available on the Alto Challenge Loot Store — all of them being compatible across the demos of each contestant. The first round of the challenge will judge the participants’ pitches, while the second round will declare a winner based on their submitted demos. The grand prize winner will earn a 20,000 usd cash prize, Alto Coins, and marketing support, as well as an Alto-designed, custom storefront for them to sell their own cryptoitems. The runners-up will also receive cash prizes and Alto Coins.

The Alto Cryptogame Challenge is being held in partnership with BlockchainGamer.Biz and the winners will be announced at PG Connects in Helsinki on September 11-12.