A New Channel Emerges Courtesy of Gariath Concepts

Gariath Concepts has announced the creation of its new content channel on multiple online platforms called The Lobby.

The Lobby will serve as the company’s content creation in their services with the goal of creating accessible entertainment to connect with their esports and gaming communities who are observing social distancing at home.

When businesses got affected [by the pandemic], our thoughts went straight to the people it’s not just our employees, but the talents we hire, the players, the community. We needed to do something for them. And it made us think of ‘what else…’ and ‘what if…

Says Gariath Concepts Managing Partner Richard Brojan.

Last June 17, Gariath uploaded the very first content pilot for their series, Scream Stream – a horror game review series featuring content creator, Gloco. The release was then followed by Rage Quiz, a weekly live quiz show hosted by shoutcaster, Manjean Faldas that pits esports and gaming personalities against each other in a battle of brains.

This is a new and quite competitive area that we chose to explore, but this is a quest we are excited and more than ready to take on.

says Brojan

Gariath Concepts promises more content for The Lobby in the coming months.