We’re Getting A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game By Next Year

Experiencing the world of George R.R. Martin in tabletop form is not new to fans and those who are familiar to the franchise. With various card games and board games using the themes found in both the HBO adaptation and books for card games (which already is on it’s 2nd edition), board games and even a trivia game based on the TV series. However, there seems to be a missing element to the tabletop experience and it seems the the people at Cool Mini or Not is filling that gap with their latest project announcement.

CMON is announcing that a tabletop miniatures game based on the world of Westeros and it’s other nations is going to be on Kickstarter by the third quarter of 2017. The Tabletop miniatures game is a collaboration between CMON and Dark Sword Miniatures.

The game lets players take control of the armies of your favorite houses from the novels, which are represented by trays of pre-assembled miniatures out of the box and lead them into battle against their opponents. The news brief boasts that Battles can range from large-scale wars with hundreds of miniatures, to simple skirmishes between a few units without complicating the elegantly designed rules.

Some of the system teased from the game are as follows:

  • alternating activations that keep the players engaged
  • a Rank System that changes a unit’s capabilities as the battle rages on
  • a Tactics System that provides strategic powers fueled by a finite resource each round
  • Iconic Heroes, such as Robb Stark and Jaime Lannister

The first set that will come out is the Stark vs. Lannister Starter Set that already has a cover box art as seen below.

We’ll be checking on updates for the game most especially once the Kickstarter campaign begins late this year. For more info you can head to the Cool Mini’s Or Not fanpage and their official site.