VCT Pacific Returns Fiercer Than Ever: Masters Madrid Awaits Top Teams!

Get ready for explosive action as VCT Pacific roars back for a thrilling Season 2! Partnered with major brands like Acer and Intel, the competition heats up with newcomer Bleed Esports joining the fight. This year, 3 global events – Masters Madrid, Shanghai, and Champions – await the victors. Buckle up for an intense journey as teams battle for ultimate glory!

VCT Pacific 2024 Participating Teams

Key Changes and Format Explained:

  • VCT Pacific is now 1 of 4 international leagues, alongside Americas, EMEA, and CN.
  • 3 global events (Masters) offer qualification opportunities.
  • Earn Championship Points for consistent performance throughout the season for an additional Champions slot.
  • Dive deeper with the format explainer video: [Link to video].
  • Fight for a share of the massive $250,000 prize pool!

VCT Pacific 2024 Kickoff Bracket

Kickoff Tournament: Clash for Masters Madrid:

  • VCT Pacific Kickoff kicks off on February 17th, setting the stage for the year.
  • 8 intense days, 19 matches, 11 teams: who will claim victory?

Group Stage, Play-ins, Playoffs:

  • Group stage: GSL format with 3 random groups, seeding Pacific Champs PRX in Group C.
  • Play-ins: Single round robin, top 4 advance to Playoffs.
  • Playoffs: Single elimination bracket, top 2 qualify for Masters Madrid.

VCT Pacific 2024 Kickoff Schedule

Don’t Miss the Action:

Witness History Unfold Live:

  • Cheer for your favorite team at the electrifying S FACTORY in Seoul!
  • Tickets go on sale February 1st: (Korean residents) / (non-Korean residents).
  • Enjoy exciting on-site activities: Icebox pop-up, photo booths, and more

Stay Connected:

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  • Join the community on social media using #VCTPacific.

Brace yourselves, VALORANT fans! VCT Pacific Season 2 promises an unforgettable spectacle. Will your team rise to the challenge?