National University Laguna and MOONTON Games Partner Up to Level Up Esports Education in the Philippines! Header Image

National University Laguna and MOONTON Games Partner Up to Level Up Esports Education in the Philippines

National University Laguna (NU Laguna), and MOONTON Games, a global gaming developer and publisher, have joined forces to establish a groundbreaking partnership focused on esports and gaming education.

A First-of-its-Kind Collaboration

This partnership marks a significant milestone, being the first of its kind for National University Laguna. The signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) paves the way for exciting collaborative endeavors, including:

  • Community Events: Fostering a vibrant esports community through collaborative events.
  • Curriculum Development: Working together to create innovative esports and gaming curriculums.
  • Information Sharing: Mutual access to valuable industry insights and resources for university initiatives.
  • Immersion & Internship Opportunities: Providing students with practical learning experiences through internships and immersive programs.
  • Research Collaboration: Facilitating research opportunities for students and faculty.

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry

This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to create a pathway for academic and research excellence in esports and gaming,

says Theon Hsu, Director of MOONTON Cares.

We’re excited to collaborate with NU Laguna to bridge the gap between the gaming industry and academia, empowering students and faculty to be at the forefront of this dynamic field.

He added.

Esports: A Great Equalizer in the Sports Community

Dr. Narro R. Navarro, NU Laguna Vice President and Assistant Director for Academe-Industry Linkage, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the significance of esports:

Esports has always been part of NU Laguna’s DNA, recognized as a great equalizer in the sports community. This collaboration with MOONTON Games will unlock exciting opportunities, propelling both our students and the university to new heights.

Esports and Gaming Journalism Workshops Coming Soon

The partnership kicks off with a series of esports and gaming journalism workshops launching in May 2024. Led by esteemed esports and gaming journalists from the Philippines, these workshops will equip participants with valuable skills in:

  • Media Ethics
  • Basic Sportswriting
  • Mobile Journalism
  • Adapting Journalism for the Modern Era
  • The Role of AI in Journalism

Building a Sustainable Future

This initiative aligns with MOONTON Cares‘ commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through educational programs and strategic partnerships, MOONTON Cares aims to create positive societal change, empower the next generation, and build a more sustainable future.