Maya Paves the Way for SME Growth in the Digital Economy at Cashless Expo 2023 Header Image

Maya Paves the Way for SME Growth in the Digital Economy at Cashless Expo 2023

Maya, underscored the growing demand for advanced digital banking services among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at the recent Cashless Expo 2023. As a co-presenter of the groundbreaking event, Maya emerged as a champion for digital banking, empowering both consumers and businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Our SMEs are not just ready for digital payments; they are eager for comprehensive digital banking solutions.

Remarked Richard Labitag, Maya Head of Acceptance and SME.

Digital Transformation: The Key to SME Success

The 2022 Status of Digital Payments Report by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) revealed that 42% of payment transactions had shifted to digital e-payments by the end of 2022. Maya has been instrumental in driving this transformation, providing tailored financial solutions to both consumers and businesses.

Maya Business serves as the financial backbone for various enterprises, particularly SMEs. We’re now elevating this support with our integrated digital banking solutions, offering a comprehensive platform encompassing payment acceptance, disbursement, business deposits, credit, and money management tools.

Explained Labitag.

Maya Business: A One-Stop Growth Platform for SMEs

Maya Business, offers an all-in-one growth platform for businesses. This user-friendly platform provides a full spectrum of digital financial services, empowering SMEs to seamlessly manage their operations and finances.

Nurturing SME Growth through the 1-2-3 Grow Bundle

Maya‘s commitment to nurturing SME growth is evident in its 1-2-3 Grow Bundle. This streamlined on boarding package offers discounted payment options, an attractive 2.5% p.a. business deposit interest rate, and accessible credit up to Php2 million.

Equipping Merchants with QR PH for Seamless Transactions

During Cashless Expo 2023, Maya equipped participating merchants with QR PH, the interoperable national standard for QR code payments, promoting seamless, secure, and convenient person-to-merchant transactions. PLDT, as a platinum sponsor, powered the event’s high-speed connectivity.

Maya: At the Forefront of Financial Innovation

Maya continually providing innovative solutions that simplify transactions and empower businesses and consumers. For more information, you can head here and here.