Gaming Library And Their Newest List of Games

Gaming Library has over 50+ new titles available for pre-order, and I’m here to share what I think are the most interesting games among them.

  • Sushi Roll – ₱1,500
  • Foodies – ₱2,200
  • God of War – ₱2,200
  • Jaws – ₱2,200
  • Little Town – ₱1,750
  • Potion Explosion – ₱2,750
  • Sheriff of Nottingham – ₱2,200
  • Detective Club – ₱2,250
  • Marvel United All In! – ₱18,800
  • Codenames: Marvel – ₱1,450

Sushi Roll – ₱1,500

If you like Japanese food. This might be the game for you. Following up on the popular game Sushi Go, this game tries to change things up by making use of rolling dice instead of the card drafting mechanic of its predecessor.

Foodies – ₱2,200

Speaking of food, here’s a game about running your own restaurant, adding and changing their menu to satisfy the critics.

God of War – ₱2,200

For the video gamer, Gaming lib has God of War up for pre-order. A co-op card game where players gather heroes to stop Ragnarok.

Jaws – ₱2,200

If video games isn’t your thing maybe movies? This game is based on a classic movie, Jaws. One player takes on the role of the shark, and terrorize Amity island and later kill the other players, while the others must kill the shark.

Little Town – ₱1,750

Another game by IELLO. I’ve heard a lot about this game, with its town building.

Potion Explosion – ₱2,750

I first played Potion explosion on Board Game Arena. Always wondered how it was played, and its basically a puzzle game much like that of Candy Crush. players compete to complete their potions by gathering ingredients and placing them in the bottles

Sheriff of Nottingham – ₱2,200

A fun little bluffing game. Players take on the roles of supporters of Robin Hood, trying to sneak in extra produce than what they declared.

Detective Club – ₱2,250

I don’t know much about this game, but Detective games have always intrigued me. Seeing that Blue Orange made it just makes it even more interesting to me.

Marvel United All In! – ₱ 18,800

This game may be the most expensive of the list, but it is for good reason. This game comes with a lot of painted figures of all your favorite MCU characters

Codenames: Marvel – ₱1,450

Last of these is Codenames: Marvel. What’s not to like? Codenames is a great game and adding Marvel to the mix sounds like a great addition