Exploding Kittens’ Newest Expansion Pack is Now Available!

First it was Exploding Kittens, then came the Imploding Kittens, what comes next you ask? Well obviously the Streaking Kittens expansion.

Featuring 15 new cards to add to the game, but changing the dynamic in a totally new way. For now all we know is the namesake of the game the Streaking Kitten card. Playing this card lets the player draw a card and keep it even if its an exploding kitten card. If an opponent draws a card from your hand and its the exploding kitten, they explode and lose the game. There are also other cards such as Garbage collection, Catomic Bomb, The curse of the Cat Butt, Mark, and many more.

You can check out details of the Streaking Kittens here.