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NAPCON, or Next Action Phase Con, is a 2-day convention celebrating gaming this International Tabletop Day, June 1-2, 2019. 

The First day, June 1, 2019, will be having multiple tournaments, one of them being Scythe: Battle for Metal Mechs, which is sponsored by Gaming Library. The tournament will have a max of 10 players with 2 rounds, with the Top 5 players going to battle it out for glory.

Rules will be as follows:

  • Scythe base game only, no expansions. 90-minute rounds.
  • Standard Scythe setup and game rules will be strictly followed at all times.
  • During the 1st round, each player will be dealt a random faction and player mats.
    • They are not allowed to bid or swap mats with other players.
  • During the 2nd round, players will now be allowed to use the faction they played last round.
  • If needed, the Tournament Official will give players a 1-minute timer to complete their top row action, or they risk forfeiting their turn. Trading with other players is forbidden.

Each participant gets a premium NAPCON 2019 Scythe swag bag, while the champion gets a trophy and a copy of Scythe: Metal Mech Collection!

Another tournament on this list is KeyForge: Archon Format, also sponsored by Gaming Library. This Tournament will have 16 participants, all competing against each other in 4 35-minute rounds. All participants will receive a NAPCON 2019 Keyforge swag bag, while the champion gets to walk away with a trophy and official Keyforge merchandise from Fantasy Flight Games.

There are tournaments for all geekdoms, one of which is Star Wars. There will be a Star Wars X-Wing Minis 2.0: Extended Format tournament sponsored by Gears and Games. 16 players will compete against each other in three 75-minute rounds. All participants will receive a NAPCON 2019 XWing swag bag, while the tournament champion gets official XWing merchandise from Fantasy Flight Games in addition to a trophy to show off to their friends.

The last of these is a tournament for players to show off their gaming prowess, The Ultimate Game Master 2019. Sponsored by Ludus Distributors, the tournament will have 16 participants competing in four 90-minute rounds across different genres of games. These games include Splendor, Chinatown, Citadels, Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne, and a mystery game to keep everyone guessing. Each participant will receive premium NAPCON 2019 Game Master swag bag, while a trophy and bragging rights will be given to this year’s crowned Ultimate Game Master.

If day 1 is dedicated to board games, day 2 is for tabletop RPGs. It will feature CCCs, or Community Created Content, being run by people from the Greasy Snitches, and Gamers & GMS. Find out what RPGs are about, and have fun in games spanning different genres like the standard fantasy games like D&D, scifi with LANCER RPG, or maybe you just want to play as a sentient house plant in Planted.

throughout the convention, there will be open tables for playing other games that weren’t listed here. With all that you have knowledge on all the happenings next weekend June 1, 2019.

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