Neutral Grounds Hosts Heroclix Demo and Tournament on Batman v Superman Superfan Screening

Neutral Grounds will be hosting a special World’s Finest/Dawn of Justice Heroclix tournament during the Filbar’s Superfan screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this coming March 26.

Superfan Screening

The event will also host demo sessions for Heroclix and Dicemasters. So if you’ve been interested with both games and haven’t had a chance to experience them, this would also be a good opportunity for find it out yourself.

So head on to the Greenhills Promenade Dolby Atmos Cinema Area this Black Saturday. Or better yet join the Superfan screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Here are the tournament details:


The special Heroclix tournament will be a sealed booster tournament, which will include one 1 booster of World’s Finest and 1 sealed pack from the Dawn of Justice Gravity Feed Pack. You must build a 300 point army with the given booster and pack.

Hero's Finest

Prizes will include draft pick from sealed World’s Finest Boosters as well as a chance to win a limited edition Kang the Conqueror and Avenger’s Quinjet!

The tournament will start promptly at 2PM and will be held at the Greenhills Promenade Cinema Event Hall, with an entrance fee of 1,150 pesos, which will include the sealed World’s Finest Booster, 1 Dawn of Justice Gravity Feed Pack, and a Thor I.D. Card.

Minimum no. of players for this tournament will be 8 players while the maximum will be 16 players.