Ubisoft has announced that it will be bringing the grand finals for the Just Dance World Cup is headed to Brazil this coming March 30.

17 finalists will meet at the Webedia Esports Arena in Sao Paulo to compete with the current twice-champion Umutcan Tütüncü from Turkey. The finalists came from the offline and online stages that happened in the past six months all over the world.

The world cup will be broadcasted worldwide through Ubisoft official channels (YouTube, Facebook and Twitch) and will be streamed in several languages including English and Brazilian Portuguese.

It is an honor and a privilege to Brazil to host the first Grand Finals of the Just Dance World Cup outside Europe. Dance and party are rooted in the culture of Brazilians, who are passionate about Just Dance and will receive the competitors with joy and excitement. It will be an unforgettable event

said Bertrand Chaverot, Managing Director Latin America at Ubisoft.

Here’s the list of the finalists for the world cup:

Qualified during the live events:

  • LicornusMoluskus, France
  • Pachuco McPower, Germany
  • Dancer280, Italy
  • Robert00robert, Spain
  • Fuzzyduck99, United Kingdom
  • Diamond_B, Russia
  • TarcisioJr99, Brazil
  • CamistylesJD18, Argentina (Latin America stage)
  • IeFerDz, Mexico

Qualified during the online qualifying:

  • JustDenz95, Australia
  • Dionvisserrr, The Netherland
  • Stormex, Canada
  • TheAllu97, Scandinavia
  • U, Poland
  • Aazzlano, United States
  • Manujon27, Uzbekistan (rest of the world stage)
  • Alexandresa1000, Portugal (rest of Europe stage)

For more information about Just Dance World Cup you can head here. You can also head to the Ubisoft fanpage and Youtube page.

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