Get Board Games at a Steal with the Gaming Library ECQ Warehouse Sale

Gaming Library is having a sale!, to help pass the time They are offering discounts on some of their games. Just simply use the code for the corresponding amount of items in your cart. If you are buying 3 games you get a 10% discount if you use the code ‘quarantinesale3’, and a 20% discount when you buy 5 when you use the code ‘quarantinesale5’. Hurry now as it will only be available until the end of May 2020.

I haven’t tried all of these games yet, but if you’re looking for what games to get I can give a list of what games on sale interest me.

  • Super Punch fighter
  • Quirky Circuits
  • Throw Throw Burrito
  • Incubation
  • Food Chain Magnate
  • Planet
  • Tan Tan Caravan
  • Bunny Kingdom
  • Bunny Kingdom in the Sky
  • Tapestry

You can check out the warehouse sale here.