Garena Hosts Arena of Valor All-Stars, Partners with Generation Hope

Garena announces that they have partnered with Generation Hope for their upcoming Arena of Valor All-Star Tournament happening this Saturday.

The AoV All-Star Tournament will have 4 teams composed of three players each to compete against each with a 80,000 php prize pool. The partnership with Generation Hope net a percentage of the prize pool be given to them so that they further education through the building of public school classrooms.

Here’s the breakdown of the teams that will be competing in the All-Star Tournament:

Red Reindeers (RR):

  • Superelmer
  • Suzzysaur
  • Eric “Eruption” Tai

Wreck the Halls (WTH):

  • Jhanelle
  • Emman Nimedez
  • RogerR

Frosty Snowmen (FS):

  • Ashley Gosiengfiao
  • DJ Leo
  • Lhea

Silent Knights (SK):

  • Mika Daime
  • Dogle
  • Allyssa

You can check out the finals for the tournament at the Garena AOV PH fanpage.