Games by Nico is an Exhibitor in ESGS 2016

Local mobile game developer, Nico Tuason of Games by Nico is an exhbitor in the upcoming Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit this coming October.

Games by Nico ESGS 2016 DAGeeks

Games by Nico is noted for releasing titles such as: Escape the Mine, Project CQB, and the upcoming Lithium City PC/Mac game.

And in fact, we’ll be able to test Lithium City as attendees can get to experience the game first hand in the three day event.

Here’s a glimpse of what we can expect from the game with the trailer:

Meanwhile, here’s the game’s gameplay trailer:

The game’s description states that Lithium City is an isometric tactical shooter. The game has this short blurb.

You are a creature of Lithium City.
Hunted since birth, you have trained all your life for this moment.
Every floor you ascend brings you closer to your ultimate goal.
The Heart of the City.

For more info on ESGS 2016 you can head to the official fanpage.