Cabal Celebrates a Decade of It’s Operations Tomorrow

Yea it’s as if times flew by so fast that the action MMO, Cabal Online is now celebrating it’s 10th year tom. at the SM North EDSA Skydome.

The list of events for the event are as follows:


Regional and Anniversay (June 24):

  • Early bird | Door prize
  • King of Combo
  • 3V3 Carnage (Arcane Trace)
  • Dungeon Legend (Defense Arena)
  • Dungeon Legend (Solo)
  • Cabal 5v5 Carnage: Captains Mode

Check out the details for the regional activities here: 10 City Tour

10th Anniversary Events(June 24):

  • ALZ o Kahon
  • Cabal Cosplay
  • Cabal Spin Off
  • Guild T shirt Making Contest
  • Guild Banner Making Contest
  • Guild City
  • Guild Feud

The event will also bring in artists, ChicosciJAPH Dolls, SnakeFight, Dhruva Tara, Urie’s Attack and Y.O.U.