Samsung Helps Launch Hidden Cinema: The Virtual Experience of Philippine Cinema’s Centenar

for the 100th year anniversary of Filipino movies, Samsung Electronics Philippines has partnered up with Filipino Heritage Library (FHL) to launch the Hidden Cinema: The Virtual Experience of Philippine Cinema’s Centenar.The exhibit will be showcasing the Philippines’ film history.

The Hidden Cinema reveals an exciting dimension in our art history. It offers refreshing perspectives and an alternative experience to mainstream movies. We are honored to present the historical evolution of the Filipino film through our cutting-edge technologies.

Jun Guevarra, Samsung Product Marketing Head for AV/TV

The event recognizes the country’s diverse network of artistic forms, and will be putting the spotlight on genres such as the short film, documentary, and propaganda and the Samsung TVs will help showcase these at center stage in the exhibit.

Samsung TVs deliver true to life scenes, through its vivid picture quality, that make these movies more engaging. With surround-sound technology and ingenious curved design, these units allow audiences to have more immersive and cinematic viewing experiences,

Susanne Yupangnco, senior manager of the FHL.

Hidden Cinema runs in line with Samsung’s twentieth year in the Philippines, helping them to provide the best entertainment experience. Curated by Nick Deocampo, the exhibit also coincides with the celebrated film artist, historian, and professor’s thirty-fifth year as a documentarist. Through lectures, workshops, and creative initiatives, Deocampo continues to be an influential stalwart in the Philippine film industry.

The Hidden Cinema is open until September 9, 2018. For more information, visit the Ayala Museum’s official website and Facebook page, or log on to