Marvel Super War Brings in Season 3 With More Space War Skins and the Arrival of Energy Hero Adam Warlock

Season 3 is coming in hot

Marvel Super War has announced that the game is at its third season. This means that a new set of skins will be coming out for the game.

Adding to the Space War skins, new skins will be coming for Iron Man and Captain Marvel which fall under the Planetary Armor for both heroes. These new set of Space War skins will add to the roster with Captain America and Black Panther who already got their themed skins prior to season 3.

Adam Warlock also comes into the game in this season with the energy hero spicing the meta up for the game.

Zone Invasion is the added new feature for this season and is the first-ever regional competition event in Marvel Super War, comes to Thailand and the Philippines. Currently on it’s beta phase.

There are also new updates to the Rank Match System as well as the Energy Core System. The new and improved interface comes with new 3D effects along with an “Interstellar Voyage ” adventure, bringing the opportunity to explore new features and try out new skins.