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Vertux Dominator

Continuing with our review of Vertux products, we have one of their budget gaming mice, the Vertux Dominator. The Vertux Dominator promises accuracy and reliability combined with ergonomic comfort. This is a gaming mouse that won’t necessarily break your budget, but read on to find out if it’s worth the pesoses you will spend.


At first glance, the Vertux Dominator looks like a gaming mouse Iron Man would use. It looks like it’s made from different panels of metals. The mouse is all plastic though.

Vertux Dominator Review Top View

The Vertux Dominator is a bit bigger than your ordinary mouse. Its shape is perfect for palm and claw grip users. Bad news for left-handed gamers though as the side buttons are oriented for right-handed gaming only.

Vertux Dominator Review Back View

It has 2 thumb buttons and a DPI selector button below the scroll wheel. There are DPI markings on it, but it doesn’t really indicate which DPI you’re currently on. The unit we got is the gray one, but you can get the Vertux Dominator in black.

Vertux Dominator Review Side View

User Experience

The Vertux Dominator cradles my medium-sized hands fairly well. It’s light enough for those quick flicks but heavy enough that it gives you the right amount of control. I wouldn’t use this for fast-paced competitive shooters as I feel the sensors are jumpy on my Steelseries QCK mousepad. There are no rubber grips, so you don’t have to worry about stickiness over a long period of time, but the sides are textured to give you more grip. The left and right click feels solid although the thumb buttons are fairly loose. The scroll wheel is quiet and clicks very nicely. Overall build quality is okay and might survive a beating or two.

Vertux Dominator Review Close-up

The cable is a bit offset which slightly affects the balance of this mouse, at least when I was playing competitive CS:GO with it. It feels like something is a bit off. The DPI settings go up to 3200, but again, you have to play by feel as there’s no indicator at what DPI you’re currently at.

Vertux Dominator Review DPI

Customization is lacking as there’s no first party software to configure the thumb buttons and RGB lighting. Again, Vertux recommends using XMBC, a third-party software that lets you customize the buttons on your mouse. But that’s it, you can’t fine tune your sensitivity and would instead rely on Windows and in-game settings for sensitivity.


The 2-year warranty applies to all Vertux products and for its price, the 2-year coverage gives you confidence that you won’t be shelling out for another mouse for a while. The Vertux Dominator is quite good for its price of ₱695. And if it tickles your fancy, you can check it out at Vertux official stores online listed below.

If you have any inquiries, you can message them in their Facebook page, Vertux Philippines

Vertux Dominator Review-6
Vertux Dominator
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